What are You Worth?

At the beginning of this year I attended a what I would call a seminar or is it training don’t really know what to call it.When my friend invited me to attend it I didn’t know what to make of it, but I thought to myself what do I stand to lose and besides it’s free(who gives free information in this day and age).

So come the day it was a Saturday I enter the room, the moderator dressed in a three piece suit, a bow tie, and a some shoes there, intimidation right there, I got in after a good number of people had already taken their seats and I was forced to seat in front ( I don’t like being center of attention).

A few minutes in the session starts and the first question directed to me and the rest was what’s your worth?  OK I didn’t understand what he meant he further elaborated that what would you say your financial net worth is: assets,  debts, money in the bank, sorry I forgot to mention that this was a financial freedom session. So one of the participants mentioned that he from his calculations that he is worth ksh.20m (we later learnt with my friend that he is actually one of the company’s founders). Another point of intimidation I felt like are you here make me feel so little of myself of help me learn how to get there?

Anyway by the end of that session I was more enlightened and I wanted to do more for me to improve my worth so to speak.

In February an opportunity towards adding my value presented itself via the  Kuza Biashara social media and digital marketing program after filling out a questionnaire and technically forgot about it, then a text came for orientation which ended up being a group interview with amazing ladies with their amazing stories. The journey officially began on 27th March, 2017.

With each day in these sessions my value is slowly increasing of course with tax and can’t wait to see how much I will be worth in the next two months.

How do you measure your worth, and how are you increasing it?