Your networks, your best marketers

I am a lazy shopper and being the lazy shopper that I am I like inquiring from other people first before I purchase something but then again I love window shopping too just to compare prices and get to know what’s the best deal I can get out there. Of course quality does matter a lot. 

The other day I was looking for a cooking thermometer; so I asked a friend of mine where am likely go find one. She directed me to a facebook page where someone is selling kitchen items. I looked around and not only did I find the cooking thermometer but array of things that I may have not been looking for them but, I may need them in the near future.

The above has brought my attention to how we can use social media to market ourselves using the P. O. E. M. 

This person posts this items on their own platform making them the owners if their own media. They generate their own content. This business has an option of paying facebook to advertise these items on social media to a targeted audience,but the business owner can as well opt to use someone who he or she considers to be an influencer to advertise these items. Maybe somewhat costly but does the job after all. 

Now the advantage that this business had is that they are services are quite top notch making their customers give them good reviews and others referring other customers there. On visiting the page I found quite a good number of happy customers but also a few who were not so happy but had their issues sorted or at least their queries answered. 

Surely this person didn’t start a page and overnight got all the followers it has now. It took sharing not just on his page but also his personal account picking the curiosity of a few who went ahead and shared it in their own platforms. That is the power of social media just the same as tell a friend to tell a friend only that in this case the friends being told are on social media who their own network is wider than the small network of physical friends we do have.